Welcome to the Waterdeep Mafia!

This is a one shot / occasional game under development for our regular gaming group. My intention is to give Jamie a break from DMing for a little while (after our next encounter with the DeVilles). This adventure will help me get used to running a large group, and will set the flavor for what you are up against in the “normal” (i.e. non-evil) adventure I’ll start running in March 2011, Waterdeep MI5. That campaign will be from the perspective of law enforcement, and the villains you oppose in that game are the characters you play in this one …

This will be an evil campaign, but your evil will be directed outside your party. Backstabbing, stealing from, or in any way holding out on your party or your boss is strictly forbidden, and punishable by, well, ah, maybe we shouldn’t talk about that so soon.

The campaign is set in Forgotten Realms, generally in and around Waterdeep. Many adventures will have an urban, or at least a human society, setting, though some sea or dungeon work may occasionally be required.

Your party has been recruited from the ranks of Waterdeep’s cynical, power hungry, and misanthropic underclass. You are not to be members of the assassins’ guild, but rather “adjuncts”. If you accept commissions within this program, you will receive training, instructions, support, and pay from a Boss who will oversee your team without directly participating in your activities. You have been watched for some time, and only candidates who fit the specified personality profile have been invited. That is, you have no love of the current administration in Waterdeep (or pretty much anywhere), and no qualms about stealing from or even killing innocent civilians, but are capable of cooperation and loyalty. And willing to follow orders.

I’ll use this site to help me develop the campaign, to help you with background material your characters would know, to track XP and treasure distributed, and an adventure log. This is my first time using anything like this, so I might abandon it half way through, but let’s give it a shot!

You’ll need Character creation rules to get started, and eventually I’ll provide information on your boss and the organization you work for

Waterdeep Mafia