Character creation rules

Here are the character creation guidelines. I’d like copies of the characters before the first adventure, as I’ll adjust the adventure slightly to fit the characters. Here are the basic rules

Assign ability points by the “point buy” method with 32 points

Choose any race, and apply racial ability adjustments after the basic point assignment

Choose any class, but tell me the class name and sourcebook before you put in a lot of effort. Most classes should be fine, but I might ask you to pick a different one if I think I’d have trouble DMing it. This is a larger group than I’ve ever run before …

Choose any non-good alignment except Lawful Neutral

Pick a region in the Forgotten Realms and take the appropriate bonus skills, etc. for that region

Pick a good reason for being in Waterdeep and pissed/bitter/greedy enough to accept this offer

Start with 3000 GP and 4500 XP (middle of 3rd level).

For HP, treat your die roll as rolling max @ first level and max/2 + 1 at each subsequent level. i.e. if you had a constitution of 12, took your first level as rogue (d6), and took levels 2 & 3 as fighter (d10) your HP would be (6+1) + (10/2 +1 +1) + (10/2 +1 +1) for a total of 21. Taking Fighter as 1 & 2 and Thief as 3 would give more HP but fewer skill points.

When picking a personality, remember that fitting in to the group is important and random violence attracts the attention of Waterdeep’s efficient and popular city guard. You can enjoy random violence, but have enough self control to practice it when there is no chance of getting caught. And enjoying it isn’t necessary, a neutral “not concerned with collateral damage” would fit in too. You can even “think you’re good” but not act it.

Chaotic Evil means never having to say “I’m Sorry”

Character creation rules

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